2nd Annual Wayne Trace Art Show

The second annual Wayne Trace District Art Show was held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 in the junior high gymnasium.  Led by elementary art teacher Mr. Ken Ogle, this year’s show featured over 500 works of art.  Twenty-five merit awards and one best-in-show were given to students for works created at each of the Wayne Trace Schools–Grover Hill Elementary, Payne Elementary, and Wayne Trace Junior/Senior High School.  Best-in-Show winners included Payne Elementary artist Bella Knowles, Grover Hill artist Gage Ogle, and Wayne Trace senior Hannah Wilhelm. Wayne Trace Local Schools serves students in a variety of art classes ranging from kindergarten art to Advanced Placement Studios, and they would like to thank the community for their continued support of the arts!

Payne Merit Winners:

Stella Laukhuf, Kennedy Childs, Megan Parker, Avery Welch, Layla Shellenbarger, Lilly Holbrook, Josiah Stoller, Nora Wenninger, Boston Font, Elizabeth Mitchell, Luke Stouffer, Hannah Williamson

Grover Hill Merit Winners:

Natalie Stoller, Julian Manz, Lorie Sinn, Ava Stoller, Noah Schlatter, Taylor Stemen, Campbell Volk, Cole Manz, Amber Stoller, Ellie Kurtz, Kenzie Ogle, Brayden Sinn, Dreya Stephen-Baldazo 

Wayne Trace Jr/Sr High Merit Winners:

Mallory Moore, Kristen McDonald, Becca Stentelik, Mackenze Blankenship, Brayson Parrish, Kierstynn Baker, Xander Kohart, Alizae Alejo, Chloe Parker, Lily Baksa, Kylie Pfeiffer, Charity Stoller, Ashlynn Parrish, Reid Miller, Nick Bostelman, Haleigh Stoller, Katiie Doster, Grant Baumle, Hannah Wilhelm, Madi Varner, Brooke Greulach, Gracie Laukhuf, Derek Myer, Madi Brigner, Emily Wiilliams

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