Antwerp Superintendent Dr. Martin Miller to Speak at National Future of Education Technology Conference

Dr. Martin Miller, Antwerp Local School superintendent, has been selected to be a speaker at the National Future of Education Technology Conference in Miami, Florida on January 17, 2020. The title of his presentation is “The Z Train has left The Station”.

Generation Z is the first generation of students to see virtually every human connected to the internet. They are the most connected, global, mobile, social, educated and sophisticated generation ever. Unfortunately, they find themselves trapped in an educational system forged during the industrial revolution. The title of this presentation refers to the fact that our Z generation students are leaving the traditional education system in search of a more dynamic means of receiving an education. This presentation advocates for new teaching and learning models of opportunity that increase educational productivity, reduce educational cost, and better utilize teach time while at the same tie, maintain the most important feature, a public school system.

Generation Z is establishing a new track regarding how learning takes place. They are a driving force in the innovation of new learning tools, teaching styles, and unlimited access to resources. For them, technology is an integrated experience into every part of their lives and they do not think education should be any different. Generation Z is completely comfortable with learning alongside other students, even outside of their own school. Generation Z is comfortable utilizing an LMS, online forums, video conferencing, gaming, chat, mobile collaboration tools such as Zoom and Skype, and revolutionary augmented and virtual reality educational tools.

Dr. Martin Miller has completed 32 years in education and currently serves as the Superintendent of Antwerp Local Schools in Antwerp, Ohio. Dr. Miller has on two occasions (2008 & 2017) visited China as part of the China Bridge Delegation for the purpose of studying the Chinese educational system. In 2016, Dr. Miller was the recipient of the Global Leaders Summit scholarship which afforded him the opportunity to visit Finland and study their educational system and attend the World Leadership Forum at the Hague Netherlands. In 2008, Dr. Miller was the recipient of the Japan Fullbright Memorial Fund scholarship allotting him the opportunity to visit Japan and study the Japanese educational system. Other certification that Dr. Miller has earned include DALI (District Administrator Leadership Institute) member, BASA (Buckeye Association of School Administrators) member, NOVA (Northern Ohio Virtual Academy) Executive Board member, Founder and President of GENZED LLC. A company in partnership with WRISE English Training Center; Beijing, China providing online education for Chinese students.

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