Antwerp Chamber of Commerce Spotlight on Business this month is H2O Water Stores, LLC located at 208 S. Main St in Antwerp. 

H2O or Your “Everything Water” Store has been in business since 1997 where it began in Hicksville, Ohio. The business moved to Antwerp in 1999. Todd Cook, owner/operator built the business from scratch and the business employs 9 Full-time/Part-time employees along with 4 independent contractors. 

Todd has a degree in Chemistry from The Ohio State University and he enjoys all things chemical.  He was a volunteer on a design water project in New York City and it was that project that motivated him to start his business.  Todd realized there were many challenges in ground and surface water and his knowledge and education in industrial and commercial systems could bring value to the residents in Antwerp and the municipalities in the surrounding 75 mile radius. 

H2O specializes in water softeners, sulfur removal systems, iron removal systems, pond systems, water coolers, reverse osmosis systems, purified drinking water, spa supplies, and swimming pool accessories. They are probably best known for their 7 step water purification process and their purified water dispenser that is available for customers to come in and fill their containers.  They also have home test kits that can be used to test for impurities such as bacteria and lead in ground water.

What sets Todd and his business aside from others in this type of business is the vast knowledge base and background that exists within the business.  With several professional engineers on staff, Todd is capable of designing town municipal water systems and has done so in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. His biggest retail market is here in Paulding County and Defiance County. 

Here is a fun fact about water.  About 6,800 gallons of water is required to grow a day’s food for a family of four. When you walk into H2O Water Stores you can expect to be greeted with a smile.  Customer service is very important to Todd and he conveys to his staff that whatever they do, they will treat the customer with respect because they may meet that person on the street after the store has closed. Todd is also very interested in solving the customer’s water problems.  A little known secret about the business lies in the design and engineering capabilities that the staff has to create water systems. The Cargill company makes the salt that is distributed and they may have anywhere from 60,000 to 80,00 pounds of salt on hand at any given time. 

Barb Secrist, Monte Cornell, Derek Demongeot, Ron Smith and Becky Cook as well as a few others round out the staff at H2O Water Stores. You can stop in and see them for all your water needs. Currently, they are having a sale on pool items to get ready for the summer weather.

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