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By: Stan Jordan

I hate winter, I have written that before and I haven’t changed my mind. I hate having to wear that heavy coat. I guess my arms and shoulders are weaker. I hate cold weather.

I have no complaints about the conditions of the highways. Those boys running those big snow plows have done a first class job of keeping the roads clean, and the fellows who keep the city streets clean have done a fine job all in all. I guess I am too old to like winter.

I can look forward a few months and Louis Beregszazi will be able to operate his Maumee River Cruise Line. We will write more about it later in the summer, but Louie can furnish you with a good canoe or kayak and all the transportation to make the river cruise, and all you need is you, and the birds and animals. There are no mermaids.

Then in August, Dan and Traci Bowers hold their big Maumee River Raft Race and all are invited to enjoy that. It is more of a lazy cruise than a race. All is for fun and recreation on the river.

More on both of these activities later on in the season.

See ya!


By: Stan Jordan

I don’t pay much attention to the NFL anymore for a number of reasons and long ago quit watching the half-time junk. They could do better just having a bunch of high school or college bands. But each sponsoring city wants to out do the others, so I’m sure it will continue as is.

The 2017 World Series was very good except the Indians were not in the foray.

They just ran out of steam too early.

I hope the front office can keep the whole team together, maybe a starting pitcher. The last couple of years the Cleveland Indians have player very good ball, both offense and defense, a little more luck and they could have won the series and the pennant. Their pitching is good and generally so is the bullpen. I don’t think I would change the outfield at all.

If I was younger, I would take one of those cruises to Goodyear, Arizona and watch the Indians’ and Reds’ spring training. I’ve got spring fever…bad!

See ya!


By: Stan Jordan

I read everything I can on wild life, especially the eagles, but it is not always the same as I’m sure location has a lot to do with the birds’ life.

For instance, I don’t think that our local eagles migrate to the south for winter. I think there is plenty of fish right here and also there is road kill for them to finish up and other food. Their main diet is fish and rabbit or small game.

Now I have read a number of stories about the northeast, like Maine and New Hampshire and that writer said those eagles migrate to the south. Well I can understand that, they have lots of snow and miserable cold up there and the ground is covered and food can’t be found easily.

I think in the desert southwest, they don’t need to migrate, maybe for water or fish. I imagine that water would cause a little migration, but again, that is my own outlook.

All in all the eagle has made a marvelous comeback. For years they were on the endangered list, but not any more and I’m sure glad to see them.

In Ohio there were 2 pairs and over the years that has increased to 220 pair of eagles, but I think that is a low count now.  I think this Maumee River basin is a haven for eagles.

See ya!


By: Stan Jordan

This is a fine report by Captain Leatherman, the jail administrator, and some pictures of some the new employees at the jail. I believe all are from the area. I suggest you read it. Our new jail is a well formed operation like Jason said it would be. I suggest you read it.

We here at the West Bend News are very proud of our part of getting the jail off the ground and into a successful venture.

From the 1/10/18 Paulding County Board of Commissioners meeting minute: • Jason Landers, Paulding County Sheriff – Sheriff Landers presented the jail report to the Commissioners for the month ending December 31, 2017 prepared by Captain K.W. Leatherman, Jail  Administrator. There were 52 Male inmates / Days served = 606 and 15 Female inmates / Days served = 200 for a total days served of 806 days. Total inmates held = 67.  Average inmates per day = 26 with 19.5 average being male and 6.5 average being female. The average stay was 12 with 11.6 being male and 13.3 average stay being female. Total meals served for the month was 2,128.  Year end jail statistics for 2017 Prisoners booked between 06/08/17-12/31/17 for a total of 207 calendar days were as follows: Total inmates booked = 331 with 253 being male and 78 female with the average at 1.5 booked per day.  There were 6111 days served with 253 of those male for 4670 days and 78 female inmates with 1441 days served.  The average inmates held per day was 29.5 and the average stay was 18.4 days. Total meals served in 2017 were $13,645 meals. Sheriff Landers also discussed that he reviewed the Dog Warden’s budget with the Dog Warden.

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