Meetings for 4-H leaders fo tomorrow

The Leaders of Tomorrow 4-H club had their first two meetings on September 21, 2017 and November 16, 2017 at the Youth Leadership Building, Paulding, Ohio.  At the first meeting, they selected new officers.  The officers for 2018 will be Haleigh Stoller, President; Claudia Sinn, Vice President; Bethany Klopfenstein, Secretary; Jacob Klopfenstein, Treasurer; Katie Anna Baumle, Health and Safety Officer; Carter Manz, Communications Officer; Kyla Hurd, Historian; Sammy Reinhard, Claire Miller, and Lynelle Schneider, Recreation Officers.

The second meeting had 39 members present. Katie Anna Baumle gave a health speech about drinking water. The club discussed plans to take Christmas lights down on the Paulding square. The club enjoyed a game of name bop provided by Lynelle Schneider. They will meet again on Jananuary 18, 2018.