Grand Jury Indictments in Paulding County


Paulding County Prosecuting Attorney, Joseph R. Burkard announced that the Paulding County Grand Jury indicted 25 persons on Thursday, January 11, 2018.

Brandon D. Kunkle, Paulding, OH; 6/6/1984; Domestic violence, F-4

Estynn M. Brown, Grover Hill, OH; 5/7/1988; Corrupting another with drugs, F-2

Jeremy E. Shaffer, Oakwood, OH; 8/12/1980; Aggravated burglary, F-1; Burglary, F-4

Randi E. Baker, Paulding, OH; 4/14/1984; Possession of  methamphetamine, F-5

Justin L. Cupp, Defiance, OH; 8/25/1989; Burglary, F-4

Michael D. Gruden, Paulding, OH; 3/15/1995; Grand theft, F-4

Thaddeus W. Lang, Grover Hill, OH: 3/5/1990; Possession of methamphetamine, F-5

Joseph M. Mitchell, Paulding, OH; 7/4/1990; Domestic violence, F-4

Rhea Fritz, Paulding, OH; 9/6/1988; Possession of cocaine, F-5; Possession of oxycodone, F-5

Abagail Baumle, Paulding, OH; 1/29/1992; Aggravated assault, F-4

Kayla L. Branham, Unknown address; 2/28/1997; Theft, F-5

Sierra C. Porter, Unknown address; 3/21/1996; Theft, F-5

Asia M. Flinn, Unknown address; 1/18/1996; Possession of cocaine, F-5

Amanda M. Rugger, Unknown address; 3/22/1988; Possession of drugs, F-5

Jerod S. Dockery, Unknown address; 6/30/1984; Possession of heroin, F-5; Tampering with evidence, F-3

Nicholas A. Demland, Unknown address; 3/30/1990; Possession of methamphetamine, F-5

Larry W. Mullins, Unknown address; 4/19/1983; Non support of a dependants, F-5

Richard Emerling Jr., Unknown address; 1/23/1972; Non support of dependants, F-5

Michael J. Wright, Unknown address; 8/14/1961; Non support of dependants, F-5 (1 count)

Chelsi Cohan, Unknown address; 12/21/1987; Non support of dependants, F-5 (3 counts)

Jason L. Ladd, Unknown address; 12/01/1978; Non support of dependants, F-5

Rex A. Gray Jr., Paulding, OH; 11/24/1978; Possession of methamphetamine, F-5

Adam A. Wright, Cecil, OH; 10/29/1997; Possession of methamphetamine, F-5; Carrying concealed weapon, M-1

George B. Adkins, Paulding, OH; 6/28/1988; Having weapons while under disability, F-3

Kevin E. Gillett, Paulding, OH; Paulding, OH; 5/27/1966; Domestic violence, F–4