Fans Get Their Money’s worth at the Raider-Archer game

After scoring the previous two shots to tie the game, Antwerp’s Jayvin Landers, under intense pressure from the crowd, attempts the third and scores, taking the Archers from behind to take the lead. More pictures at

On Thursday, January 4 the Archers travelled to the Palace to compete against Wayne Trace, last year’s conference champs, in the first game of the GMC conference and boys basketball. Coach Jim Linder was concerned that his team might be rusty, they hadn’t played in 14 days because of Christmas break and the game was postponed with Woodlan due to a gas leak.

This game was close throughout the match and probably didn’t differ by more than seven points the entire game. The Archers took a lead early in the game, but soon lost it to the Raiders and after half time the Raiders left Antwerp behind. Ty Rebber was on fire on this night with 14 points racked up. He didn’t start until 2nd quarter but he made it count!

This game was very close even at half at 19-20. Not a high scoring match for sure but it was sure aggressive! Raiders spread their points across the players fairly evenly.

It was not till the fourth quarter when everything changed. Antwerp was behind by five points but in the last minute several fouls on the Raiders put Antwerp in a position to score a couple of points on turnovers. Right at the last second, Jayvin Landers was fouled and with less than a second he was able to score three points in a row from

Josh Kuhn drives into the key to score for Wayne Trace just as Antwerp’s Ty Rebber attempts to block. More pictures at

free-throw line sending Antwerp into the lead. The Raiders worked hard and came up with a plan to get the ball down but they ended up losing it on an overthrow to Nate Gerber. Antwerp got the ball back but slipped out of their hands. Wayne Trace’s Reid Miller picked up the ball and threw it to the backboard, but was not able to score. Antwerp picked up the first GMC game of the year and left last year’s conference winners with a loss.

Score by quarter:

Wayne Trace: 8 12 18 7 = 45

Antwerp: 10 9 10 17 = 46

Wayne Trace — Eli Sinn 8; Reid Miller 6; Josh Kuhn 8; Nate Gerber 9; Josiah Linder 3; Adam Stoller 2; Jake Kuhn 9.

Antwerp — Jayvin Landers 14; Cole Seslar 10; Luke Brewer 6; Jake Ryan 2; Ty Rebber 14.

After the weekend Antwerp is 5-3 and Wayne Trace is 7-2.

More pictures of

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