Letters To The Editor

Letter to the Editor

Small Business Saturday is Saturday, November 25th.  Please save a few items from your Black Friday shopping list to purchase from your local businesses.  Those businesses not only have what you need, when you need it but give back to their community. As I browsed the Westbend newspaper this week, I see support from many local businesses that serve their neighborhood, support your schools, and donate to local fundraisers. They may also employ a family member or friend.

If you think local shops are higher priced than bigger city stores, give them another try.  You might be pleasantly surprised and they will appreciate your business.

Ellen Williams

Payne OH


Trump, Racism and Latta Response

Since last Saturday, almost all republicans have denounced Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville racial mess. All but our 5th district mis-representative Bob Latta! There’s not been one remark from our mis-representative of the awful position Trump has taken on this KKK-Nazi-White Supremicists causing more racial divides in our nation! There’s been no denouncing these racist organizations, nor their calls for violence, yelling racial slurs, or anti-semitic remarks through a college campus.

Apparently, Bob Latta’s position is just say nothing, and hope it all just goes away, or maybe he actually goes along with those groups. Must be another way to do away with those pesky rules that are bad for profits, or maybe it just wasn’t a good issue for his “self-promoting” articles he persistently runs in this paper! There is no place for racism and bigotry in our nation, and definitely no place for these beliefs in our political institution.

The correct thing for our representatives to deal with this is to stop it at the top! if mis-representative Bob Latta doesn’t get on the wagon to impeach this miserable Trump, then he’s a huge part of the problem as well, and condones all of Trump’s actions, tweets, and racism and bigotry against the people he’s supposed to represent!

–Mike Porter




I wonder why people try to excuse a white supremacist driving his car into a crowd of people?

Terrorism is inexcusable, no matter what the provocation, no qualification.  Armed fascists, shoving people and shouting ugly slogans is not a peaceful demonstration.

I wonder why people choose to be ignorant and only read the news that fits their philosophy; various viewpoints are needed to make an informed decision.

I wonder why people defend a president who is tolerant of intolerance, has no moral compass, and has many times used inflammatory language and retweeted fascist rhetoric.

I wonder why white men with torches chant “blood and soil” when Native Americans and Black Americans have spilled more than their share of blood on this land?

I wonder why some people are so concerned with preserving statues of Confederate traitors who wanted to overthrow the United States of America?  Some kind of patriots those were. Put the statuary and the flags in a museum and use them to teach new generations about politics, hate, and public responsibility.

I wonder why some white men have failed to meet the challenge of changing times? Can they not adapt, evolve?  We must all do so or perish, for the world is constantly changing.

I wonder why people spend so much time yelling on social media but never talk to their family and neighbors? Benjamin Franklin, commenting on the finishing of a brand new constitution, said that we had achieved our democracy, but we would need to endeavor to keep it.

I wonder if we can?

–Judi Snook

Antwerp, Ohio



Is it just me?

 I’m getting a little discouraged. I’m wondering does the rest of middle America see what I see? Hear what I hear? Or feel how I feel? As I read the newspaper, listen to or watch the news it’s the same thing, over and over. The left seems to wait upon a “ Trump gaff .” To start another series of trying to demean him and drive him out of office.

I haven’t heard much about Russia lately, nor have I heard much about the pant-suited moron from North Korea. What I have heard is the on and on incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, and that every monument commemorating the south in the Civil War should be torn down and put in a museum. I dare to say that most of these people who want to destroy them, actually know very little about the Civil War, nor did they care about that part of history until the incident in Charlottesville. The latest word is that this thing was planned last May! Nevertheless the chickens have come home to roost. The left is out to demean  and demolish whatever they can. The calamity that happened in Spain is another example. The Clinton News Network’s Wolf Von Blitzer asked a cohort if the Spain incident was a copycat of the incident in Virginia  because a vehicle was used. Where has he been?

I saw in the newspaper today three articles condemning the president because he didn’t say the words that the left wanted to hear. If they are so delicate, write the White House, they’ll tell you what you want to hear. The young woman who died was a member of the ANTIFA movement. She should have stayed home, she may have been alive today. That may sound a little crass, but I remember what my dad told me when I was a young man. He said, ‘If you don’t want to get into trouble, avoid the situation.“ He was right.

I want to close with just a couple more facts, maybe three. The state of California is putting a referendum on their ballot, to see if the people want to secede from the union and become an independent country, I say adios. They’ll be taking their 55 electoral votes with them! Bon Voyage.

I believe that we middle Americans have been forced to bow down at the feet of so many minorities. I’m not speaking solely of race. I’m talking about the high school or college valedictorians want to thank God or his son Jesus Christ for their success. They are not allowed to do so if 1 person is offended. With all the problems in the world, the previous administration was concerned about bathrooms for people who think God made a mistake when he created them. And yes, even when it comes to race we were forced to stake a backseat for the verbiage coming out of the White House. That’s how Black Lives Matter got started, a lie from Washington. Even Al Sharpton coming on TV saying he didn’t think taxpayers should have to pay tax dollars to maintain these monuments while he still owes the IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars. What a hypocrite!!!

Last week in a letter I stated that the Klan was started by southern democrats. That was a true statement. From the Civil War to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the democrats have opposed civil rights. Here are some facts. In the civil rights vote in 1964, the democratic congress voted this way. The dem. house voted 153 out of 244 yes, the dem senate voted 46 of 67 yes at 63% and 69% respectively . The republicans however voted 136 out of 170 in the house and 27 out of 33 in the senate.That is 80% and 82% respectively. Now you folks on the left, what do you think about them apples?

–Kenny Barnes

Paulding, Ohio