Letter To The Editor

Well here it is August sixth, the anniversary of our dropping the first atomic bomb during wartime. Now we have been getting threats from Japan’s neighbor to the northwest. The little fat dude in the pantsuit and a lousy haircut. He has been threatening the United States with a nuclear strike.

For those readers who fear God, I have a message for you, that is if you believe what the Bible says. Many believe that there will be an increase in earthquakes, famines, changes in the seasons and many other signs. Jesus told his followers in Matthew 24: 37,38 when he would be returning to Earth. To simplify those two verses, he said as it was in the days of Noah before they built the Ark. You might ask, well how was it? The Earth was corrupt before God and filled with violence! Sound familiar? Look at Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Sudan, Venezuela, France, Germany, Belgium. The Palestinians, then take a good look around America. Is that enough violence for you?

If you want corruption look at Washington D.C.! Some of those people wrote the book on corruption. In years past, the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of our government have been extremely corrupt and they still are.

We elect a non-politician to the White House and all hell has broken loose all over the United States. We hear the shouts of impeachment, collusion, obstruction of justice. The left has a problem with nepotism.  Racism, islamophobia, misogyny and none of that has anything to do with them.

At the third Trump-Clinton debate last fall, Hillary made a fatal flaw. Trump stated that she would allow a baby to be aborted one day  before birth. She never denied it! Can you imagine, just for votes! Have you ever held a newborn in your arms and looked at the fragility, the helplessness, the tenderness, even the smell of that baby? Maybe your firstborn child, your first grandchild, any child. To have killed that baby the day before just to gain recognition and power. It should sicken the average person. That is the first thing I check out in a candidate. Do they value human life?

Trump has done many good things his first six months in office. The RINO’s in the Republican party have been blocking him. The speaker and the senate majority should be replaced. They should be sent to the back of the room and put their noses in the corner.

There has been much ado on the legitimate t.v. and radio stations about  Hillary signing off of 20% of U.S. Uranium and the sale of it to the Russians. 10 grams of highly enriched uranium traveled to Russia by none other that Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor looking into the president and his associates.You think there might be some hanky-panky happening? I do, and Hillary’s foundation’s coffers experienced a $145,000,000 increase. My goodness, that stuff is expensive huh?

I just know one thing, someday the right may be left, but the left will never be right!

– Kenny Barnes

Paulding, Ohio