Antwerp, Payne & Oakwood School Supply Lists

Antwerp Elementary 2017-18 School Supplies

Mark all supplies clearly with first & last student name including clothing and shoes.

NO MECHANICAL PENCILS or individual sharpeners allowed in grades 1-2-3-4-5. Sharpen all pencils at home before first day of class.

Trapper Keepers are not allowed in grades 1-5.  Desks and lockers are not large enough for them.


Open or zip-top book bag (at least 14” by 16”) Book bag should be easily manipulated by student and large enough to hold 10 x 12 papers.

(2) Boxes of tissues

(2) Expo brand (low odor) dry erase markers

(2) Plain pocket folders

Lysol Wipes

Headphones (NO EARBUDS)

Girls – package of paper napkins

Girls – (1) box quart  size zip-lock bags

Boys – package of paper plates

Boys- (1) box gallon size zip-lock bags


(1) Box of 200 tissues

Gym shoes (rubber soled)

(2) Boxes Crayola crayons (24 count)

(1) Elmer’s white school glue (7 5/8 oz.), and 4 glue sticks

(8) Pencils sharpened

Pencil Box (Mrs. George, No Pencil Boxes)

(2) Pronged pocket folders

Fiskars pointed scissors

Lysol Wipes

Short sleeve shirt for painting

(4) Expo brand Black (low odor) dry erase markers

(1) “Pink Pearl” eraser

Hand sanitizing gel

Headphones (NO EARBUDS

(1) Wideline notebook (70 pages)

Water color paints (Crayola)


Mrs. George’s Class-NO Pencil Boxes

Girls: (1) Box zip-lock sandwich bags

Boys: (1)  Box zip-lock gallon freezer bags


(2) Boxes 200 tissues

Gym shoes (rubber soled)

(2) boxes Crayola Crayons (24 Count Only)

Elmer’s white school glue & (2) glue sticks

#2 Pencils (10 or more-sharpened)

(1) “Pink Pearl” eraser

Watercolor paints

(1) Wideline notebook (70 pages)

(2) Pocket folders

Ruler (metric & standard)

Medium size pointed scissors (Fiskars)

Markers (8 count)

Hand sanitizing gel

(16) Expo brand (low odor) dry erase markers

Lysol Wipes


Boys: (1) box gallon size bags

Girls: (1) box sandwich size bags

Mrs. Bok only-Pencil Box


Wheeled backpacks do not fit in 3rd grade cubbies.

Headphones in a name labeled zip lock bag

Gym Shoes (rubber soled)

Crayons (24 or larger)

(1) Bottle Elmer’s school glue (4 oz. or larger)

#2 Pencils (6 or more-sharpened)


(1) Wideline spiral notebooks (70 pages)

(3) 2-Pocket folders (yellow, red, blue)

Ruler (metric & standard)

Pointed scissors

Markers (8 count)

(4) 10×13 manila envelopes – no names on them

(2) Red grading pens or pencils

Colored pencils

(2) Highlighter markers

(4)-dark colored dry erase makers

Boys: Roll of paper towels

Girls: (1) box of kleenex


(2) 1” 3-ring binders (1 blue & 1 white)

(5) tabs for binder (5th grade only)

Gym Shoes (rubber soled)

(12) #2 Pencils (no mechanical pencils allowed)


Glue stick (2)

Markers (8-count, medium point)

Colored pencils (sharpen at home)

(4) Red Pens & 4 Blue pens

(4) Expo brand (low odor) dry erase markers

(4) Highlighters (different colors)

(1) Composition notebook (green)

Pencil Pouch

Headphones in a gallon zip lock bag w/ name

(2) Packages of loose leaf lined paper

Red folder

(2) folders with 3-hole punch for binder

5th Grade Boys: Quart Size Freezer Baggies

4th Grade Boys: Gallon Freezer Bags

4th & 5th Grade Girls: (2) boxes of tissues

Teachers will let students know of any other needed materials on first day of class.

Please mark your child’s first & last name on all belongings.


Payne Elementary 2017-18 School Supply List


(1) Plastic school box (sturdy, 9X6)

(1) Black fine point Sharpie marker

(1) Box of Crayola markers (thick tip)

Watercolor paint set

(3) Spiral notebook (kindergarten students only)

(1) Container of disinfectant wipes (optional)


Clean gym shoes

(Velcro preferred if your child can’t tie their own shoes)


Large book bag (that student can open and close)

(2) Pocket folders

(2) Boxes of markers (thick)

(6) Glue sticks

(1) Box of Kleenex

(3) Containers of disinfectant wipes

(1) Box baby wipes(Mon/Wed class)

(1) Box sandwich size Ziploc bags (Mon/Wed class)

(1) Box gallon size Ziploc bags (Tues/Thurs class)

Extra set of clothing (pants, shirt, socks, underwear)

Wear clean gym shoes on P.E. days


(1) Large book bag

(3) Boxes 8-count Crayola crayons

(5) #2 pencils

(1) Pair of safety scissors

(1) Bottle of Elmer’s glue AND glue sticks

(1) Plastic folder

(1) Spiral notebook (plastic spiral binding preferred)

(4) Expo dry erase markers (thin size, black preferred)

(1) Black Sharpie marker

(1) Set watercolor paint

(2) Containers disinfectant wipes

(3) Boxes of Kleenex AND (1) paper towel roll

(1) Box sandwich size Ziploc bags (girls)

(1) Box gallon size Ziploc bags (boys)


Large book bag

(1) Spiral notebook

(2) Boxes of 8-count Crayola crayons

(2) Boxes of 24-count Crayola crayons

(5) #2  pencils

(1) Pair of safety scissors

(2) Bottles of Elmer’s glue and (12) glue sticks

(1) Black Sharpie

(4) Expo Dry Erase markers (thin size)

Clean sock for dry erase board

(1) Container disinfectant wipes

(3) Boxes of Kleenx

(3) Boxes of Dixie cups

(1) Box of sandwich size Ziploc bags

(1) Box gallon size Ziploc bags (boys)

(1) Package of napkins (girls)


Large book bag

(2) Boxes of 24-count Crayola crayons

(2) Bottles of Elmer’s glue

(2) Packages #2 pencils (sharpened if possible)

(1) Pocket folder (sturdy)

(1) Pair of scissors

(1) Package of dry erase markers

(2) Large pink erasers

(1) Clean sock for dry erase boards

(1) Roll of paper towels

(1) Box Ziploc sandwich size bags

(1) Container disinfectant wipes

(2) Boxes of 200 count Kleenex


Large book bag

(2) Boxes of 24-count Crayola crayons

(1) Bottle of Elmer’s school glue

(24) #2 pencils with erasers (please sharpen some)

(3) Blue folders for homework papers

(1) Pair of Fiskars scissors

(6) glue sticks

(3) Packages of large pink erasers

(1) Package of index cards

(2) Packages of dry erase markers

(1) Large box of Kleenex

(1) Container of disinfectant wipes

Art supplies for grades 3-6:

Art box

(1) Black fine point Sharpie marker

Watercolor paint set

(1) Box of Crayola markers (thick tip)

(1) Container of disinfectant wipes (optional)

Physical Education for grades 3-6:

Clean gym shoes, shorts, and t-shirt


Gym bag


Large book bag

(4) Spiral notebooks

(1) Folder for homework

(24) #2 pencils with erasers

Ruler with inches and metric markings

(1) Bottle of Elmer’s glue & (6) glue sticks

School scissors

(2) Boxes 24-count Crayola crayons

(1) Package large pink erasers

(4) Red pens

(2) Packages Expo dry erase markers

(1) Roll of paper towels

(2) Boxes of Kleenex

(1) Container disinfectant wipes

(1) Box sandwich bags (girls)/ gallon bags (boys)


Large back pack

Trapper Keeper (with 2 plastic, 3-hole pocket folders)

(1) Pencil pouch for Trapper Keeper

(3) Spiral notebooks

(1) Composition notebook

(1) Package of 48 pencils

(1) Pack of blue ink pens

(2) Packages of dry erase markers


(1) Box of colored pencils

Erasers for pencils

(1) Box of crayons

(1) Bottle of Elmer’s glue AND (1) glue stick

Clean sock for dry erase board

(1) Container disinfectant wipes

(2) Boxes of Kleenex AND (1) roll of paper towels


(1) Large back pack

Trapper Keeper (no binders please)

(1) Folder that can go in Trapper Keeper

(2) 3 subject notebooks ( 1 for science and 1 for math)(MUST HAVE plastic cover)

(2) Composition notebooks (1 for ELA and 1 for social studies)

(2) Packages of loose leaf paper

(1) Pack of 100 index card

(6) Glue sticks AND (1) bottle of Elmer’s glue

(2) 48 packs of pencils with erasers

(2) Packages colored ink pens (not blue or black)

(1) Package of colored pencils

(4) Dry erase markers (blue or black only)

Package of erasers for pencils

(1) Package of large erasers


(3) Boxesof Kleenex

(1) Roll of paper towels

(1) Container disinfectant wipes

(1) Medium size bottle of hand sanitizer

(1) Box of sandwich or quart size Ziploc bags


Large back pack

Trapper Keeper (no binders)

(1) Folder to go in Trapper Keeper

(1) 3-subject notebook for math (MUST HAVE plastic cover)

(2) Composition notebooks (1 for ELA and 1 for social studies)

(2) Packages of loose leaf paper

(2) 48 packs of pencils with erasers

(2) Packages of colored pens (not blue or black)

(1) Package of blue pens

(1) Package of colored pencils

(1) Pack of hi-lighters

(4) Dry erase markers (blue or black, not thin)

(1) Package of erasers for pencils

(1) Package of large erasers

(1) Bottle of Elmer’s glue AND (6) glue sticks


(1) Roll of paper towels

(1) Container disinfectant wipes

(1) Medium size bottle of hand sanitizer

(1) Box gallon sie Ziploc bags


Oakwood Elementary School 2017-18 Student School Supply List


(1) backpack style book bag-large

(1) entire change of clothing-labeled (no shoes)

(1) 3-ring binder 1” (new students only)

(2) pkg. of straws

(1) box Kleenex tissues


(1) box of Crayola or prang watercolor paints

(1) can shaving cream


(1) pkg. Crayola markers

(1) pkg. napkins


(1) box of 10 #2 yellow pencils

(4) boxes (24 count) Crayola crayons

(1) box thin Crayola markers

(1) box wide Crayola markers

(1)2 glue sticks (Elmer’s purple)

(1) Crayola watercolor paint box

(1) box Kleenex or Puffs tissue

(1) pkg. napkins

The above items will be community supplies and shared by all students.  Please do not label the supplies with your child’s name.  

Please label the following items:

(1) 2 pocket folder (horizontal pockets)

(1) backpack style book bag (large enough                                                                                                                                           for folder and large art projects)


(10) #2 pencils with erasers

(2) boxes 16 Crayola colors regular, not scented

(2) bottles of white school glue

(1) pair of pointed tip scissors

(1) school book bag

(2) boxes 200 count tissues

(1) 3-ring binder 1”

(2) Expo dry erase markers

(2) glue sticks

(2) sturdy 2 pocket folder

(1) eraser

Girls – (1) box gallon Ziplock bags

Boys – (1) pkg. cups


(10) # 2 pencils with erasers

(1) eraser

(2) glue sticks

(1) scissors, pointed tip

(1) school box

(2) sturdy folders with pockets

(2) boxes 200 count tissues

(1) box of 24 Crayola crayons

(1) fine-point black dry erase marker

(1) set of headphones (can be ear-buds)

Boys – (1) box quart Ziplock bags

Girls – (1) box sandwich Ziplock bags

We recommend that all students in GRADES K thru 6TH BRING TENNIS SHOES to keep here at school in their locker for PE class.



(2) boxes of #2 pencils

(1) box of colored pencils

(1) box of 16 Crayola crayons

(2) glue sticks

(1) scissors, with pointed tip

(1) 3-ring binder 1 1/2”

(1) eraser

(2) folders with pockets

(1) pencil school box

(1) box 200 count tissues

(1) highlighter

(4) dry erase markers

(1) spiral notebook wide-ruled

(1) set of headphones

(10) bottle Elmer’s glue

(1) pkg. loose leaf paper


(10) # 2 sharpened pencils with erasers

(1) zipped pencil pouch

(1) 3-ring binder 1”

(1) eraser

(1) 3 subject notebook w/pockets

(1) folder with pockets

(2) blue 3 prong folders with pockets

(2) green 3 prong folders with pockets

(1) pair pointed tip scissors

(2) red pens

(2) highlighters

(1) box of colored pencils

(1) box 200 count tissues

(4) glue sticks

(4) dry erase markers

(1) set of headphones (can be ear-buds)


(10) # 2 pencils sharpened with erasers

(2) dry erase markers (any color except neon)

(2) ball point pens (red)

(1) box colored pencils (12 count)

(1) spiral notebooks

(1) Composition notebook

(1) box of crayons

(2) bottles Elmer’s glue (NO glue sticks)

(2) pkgs. loose leaf paper.

(1) pencil pouch

(1) pocket folder

(1) box of 200 count tissues

(1) pair of scissors

(4) highlighters

(2) rolls of scotch tape

(4) 3- ring binders (must all be 1”)

(1) pkg. post-it notes

(1) set of headphones (can be ear-buds)


(10) #2 pencils sharpened with erasers

(2) ball point pens (red)

(4) 3-ring binder 1”

(1) pkg. post-it-notes

(1) folder with pockets

(1) spiral notebook

(2) dry erase markers (any color)

(4) highlighters

(1) Composition notebook

(2) pkgs. loose leaf paper

(1) box 200 ct. tissues

(1) box colored pencils (12 count)

(1) pair scissors

(2) rolls scotch tape

(2) bottles Elmer’s glue (NO glue sticks)

(1) set of headphones (can be ear-buds)


Payne Elemenatary School 2017-18 Class Lists

YK-Kindergarten – Mrs. Perkins:

Kennedy Childs, Londyn Dargenson, Ella Gonzales, Macarius Hicks, Zander Lelonek, Luke Shepherd, Liam Sprouse, Devon Tumblin, Nuria Velazquez, Thayer Zartman

Kindergarten – Mrs. Coomer:

Charles Blackmore, Hudsyn Burkley, Brady Cox, Easton Gee, Summer Gilbert, Elizabeth Holbrook, Zailee Johnson, Lauren Kipfer, Ryleigh Mggarvey, Aaron Mcmillan, Kiptyn Mills, Braxton Parady, Audrey Reuille, Lucas Ross, Ellyonna Tempel, Avery Welch, Gabriel Vvenzlick, Avah Williams

Kindergarten – Mrs. Dejarnett:

Leilyn Bleeke, Hannah Bradbury, Krandon Crites, Maggie Gilkey, Wyatt Head, Wilhelmina Holmes, Aubree Lamb, Lukas Laukhuf, Brass Mansfield, Laina Matthews, Grace Mckinney, Laela Mcmillan, Jaxson Nichter, Megan Parker, Stella Sinn, Benson Stoller, Lienna Stoller, Mailey Stoller

First Grade – Miss Miller:

Zoey Anderson, Aaron Bohland, Kaden Creighton-Smith, Aubreanna Dunn, Collin Helms, Caden Howard, Eli Johnson, Robert Kennedy II, Carson Love, Evelyn Lyons, Kamden Rager, Makenna Richhart, Grace Ringler, Cobain Rittenhouse, Makenna Schilt, Layla Shellenbarger, Witt Stoller, Jennifer Treece, Emma Whitman

Second Grade – Mrs. Cox:

Caylie Baker, Alexis Carter, Brinna Collins, Chloe Coombs, Kennedy Dempsey, Ayden Florence, Devon Huckabaa, Jerrick Johnson, Jenna Kipfer, Brock Knowles, Khloe Merriman, Reece Morehead, Conner Reuille, Hannah Ross, Kamdon Ross, Isabella Schafer, Aukele Schmidt, Kaedance Shaffer, Savannah Sinn, Derrick Slone, Josiah Stoller, Nora Wenninger

Second Grade – Mrs. Hire:

Maliyah Barnes, Connor Burriss, Columbia Dempsey, Forrest Font, Adalynn Franklin, Logan Gambler, Demirian Goings, Jada Gross, Maliik Hardin, Anastasia Hobart, Lilly Holbrook, Kahne Mansfield, Knox Mills, Caydan Murphy, Chandler Murphy, Cayla Noggle, Lilly Shepherd, Ama Thomas, Owen Welch, Brooke Wells, Aleena Wheeler, Gavin Zuber

Third Grade – Mrs. Pfeiffer:

Katelynn Bauer, Matthew Carpenter, Ella Crosby, Christopher Dung, Destiny Endicott, Boston Font, Grady Helms, Mckenzie Johnson, Logan Lotz, Paytin Morrison, Blake Noggle, Keagen Sharp, Johnalynn Shellenbarger, Dillon Slone, Lizbeth Wenninger, Chloe Williams, Monica Williams, Olivia Zartman

Fourth Grade – Mrs. Limber:

Tyler Blankenship, Bradbury, Kyrah Cook, Blake Dunn, Mya Endicott, Stella Laukhuf, Tanner Laukhuf, Justin Lyons, Chloe Murphy, Jaylynn Price, Eric Reinhart, Clay Stoller, Octavia Stoller, Brayden Treece, Kaden Wilcox, Careen Winans

Fourth Grade – Miss Schlatter:

Alicia Bahena, Olivia Baughman, Landon Blankenship, Alexandria Dewaard, Nadia Franklin, Marquan Hardin, Nichole Kennedy, Hunter Lyons, Raegan McGarvey, Chase Pack, Ryan Parker, Jack Schoenauer, Amber Stoller, Emma Stouffer, Caroline Winans, Mylie Vvittwer

Fifth Grade – Mrs. Stouffer: 

Jordan Banks, Christian Bohland, Adelae Collins, Brooklin Creighton, Austin Eccard, Tyson Gerber, Makenna Gunnells, Serenity Helms, Makenna Johnson, Isabella Knowles, Mason Lee, Bethany Miller, Cole Morehead, Allison Noggle, Noah Parady, Ty Riebesehl, Dyson Scott, Luke Stouffer

Fifth Grade – Mrs. Wilder:

Alana Beebe, Zevin Burkley, Alexia Cruz, Jayce Elston, Kendel Franklin, Cheyene Goings, Bailey Hildebrand, Riley Hildebrand, Olivia McMillan, Braden Miller, Brooklyn Miller, Keegan Lager, Kayson Ross, Blake Schultz, Kaiden Suffel, Trenton Thomas, Zoah Wineland

Sixth Grade – Mrs. Bauer: 

Breven Anderson, Logen Bland, Connor Blankenship, Donovan Carter, Timothy Dysinger, Kemper Forrer, Kyren Karhoff, Brooks Laukhuf, Emma Laukhuf, Gethanie Lindeman, Emma Lyons, Trenton McClain, Brenna Parker, Meara Racer, Victoria Stoller, Dylan Taylor, Emily Thrasher, Cooper Wenzlick, Cale Winans, Ava Zartman

Sixth Grade – Mr. Wilhelm: 

Colin Beebe, Brianna Draper, Hannah Dunham, Melanie Dunham, Dylan Hildebrand, Alfa Johnson, Rylee Johnson, Lucas Kennedy, Adrian Laukhuf, Jordan Lotz, Caleb Merritt, Richard Nichter, Parker Schisler, Kamrun Smith, Jude Stoller, Brenna Thomas, Caitlyn Thomas, Meg Thompson

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