2017 Antwerp Gems of the Year

By: Sue Knapp

For this year’s Gem of the Year, the Antwerp Chamber has chosen a couple. A couple that has done a marvelous job in reusing something old to make something new for our community. Let’s talk a little about Tim and Brenda Copsey…

Saturday mornings the Van Crest of Antwerp’s parking lot is full with over flow into Dooley’s parking lot plus the parking lot behind the old gym. The ‘new gym’ or MAC Arena has  been host to many athletic events.

In 2005 the old school building was bought by Thomas McLaughlin III. He had a dream to create the facility into an assistant living residence, the new gym was then used for storage. After awhile the ACFCC (Antwerp Community Fellowship Care Campus) was formed. Brenda Copsey belonged to this group. Knowing that the new 24 would soon be built and would bypass the smaller communities, Brenda wanted to do something to bring the communities together and there was no better way than to provide a facility where people would come together in the name of sports. So with Tim’s connections, alot of hard work and dedication the MAC Arena was born.

The MAC Arena was established in 2011 with no water, no restrooms, few lights, no heat and a filthy floor, but the first basketball league had a total of 55 boy and girl players. Since then the two court gym offers volleyball and basketball for ages K-adult plus K&S Tumblefit provides gymnastics and cheerleading events. Coming soon to the MAC Arena is Pickleball. (Pickleball is now played at the tennis courts on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m., weather permitting). The community has been very supportive of the facility through their ads in the gym. Tim and Brenda have enlisted the help of Chad Hormann who oversees the basketball leagues while Tim and Brenda organize the events and do scheduling. The MAC Arena can be rented out for your special events.

Tim and Brenda have always been very involved in the community. They were born in the area (they call themselves ‘lifers’) and both graduated from Antwerp High School. They have five children and three grandchildren. Brenda drove school bus, helped in the classrooms and in the cafeteria. She now works at Sauders in Grabill. Tim has been assistant coach for Junior High and High School Varsity Basketball and he announced games for the High School football team. He has worked at Paragon for 31 years. Tim and Brenda are also very involved at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church.

Tim and Brenda stated that they could not have done what they did with the MAC gym if not for the help and support of their parents, Joe & Sue Meyer, Larry & Joyce Copsey, and Keith & Joyce West.

Tim and Brenda, kudos go out to you for your love and dedication to the Antwerp Community and Paulding County. Part of your legacy will be the MAC Arena and what you have done for the Antwerp Community. This definitely will be a part of Antwerp History.