Letter To The Editor


Try as we might, we just can’t get along. All the saber rattling by the moron in N. Korea. He has this fixation on weapons. It matters not if it’s a 45 cal. pistol or a nuclear bomb, he just has this unction to kill something or someone, I believe he should start with his barber! But I think President Trump and XI will keep him in line, at least we hope so.

On a softer note, how are things in America? Still pretty tense. The antifas (anti fascists) are still doing their thing on college campuses, dressed in their ninja suits, waiting to do harm, if the odds are right. The University of California at Berkeley, the home of higher learning and the purveyors of free speech !!! That is, speech is free as long as you are an anarchist or a social justice warrior. As of their actions are paid for and has been learned

In the past eight years, they have been cheered on by the likes of Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch Hillary, Hillary Clinton Etal, liars, all, and socialists to boot.

Well it’s May 4th, the new health care bill has just passed in the house and is heading to the senate, what do you folks think about that? Another dying quail? Or will this bill work for the American people? Let’s at least hope for the best. Going to simplify the tax code, maybe things may get a little simpler if not just a little better. But still the left is harmonizing Hillary’s battle cry, “insist, persist and resist !!!” Now that’s not the shout of a sore loser, no sir, that is just the sign of a loser period. They tell you they care about the American people, then get your vote, then you are forgotten. Think about it. Over $1,000,000,000 spent to get elected and failed. She blames it on Jim Comey and the Russian Wiki-Leaks. Bah- humbug.

For just a couple of moments I would like to talk about the most dangerous thing in the world, at least according to the left, it’s more dangerous than N. Korea, China, Russia, Al-Quada or even Isis. Yes, I’m talking about our biggest nemesis, global warming. Oops, I mean climate change (I forgot they changed the wording). Many years ago when this was brought to the forefront, we were told that if the Arctic ice cap would melt, the statue of liberty would be 200 feet under water!! The flood would be so devastating and what a loss of life. But I’m trusting the Lord, who by the way, controls the weather, and he is one who cannot lie. Have you ever seen a rainbow?

­—Kenny Barnes

Paulding, Ohio


On March 4th, our illustrious congressman who is always patting his own back in this paper, Mis-Representative Bob Latta, voted to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, stripping 25 million of their insurance coverage, and make it more expensive, or unattainable for those who need healthcare! In a press release explaining his vote, he states that “Obamacare is failing, its promises were broken, and the AHCA Bill fixes all the healthcare issues in America! (not 1 word of the bill they passed keeping Obamacare for themselves!) Without no congressional budget office figures, they railroaded legislation they know nothing about! A number of Republican congressmen were asked by the news media if they’d read this bill, most wouldn’t answer, some said they read a small portion. (I wonder if Mis-rep. Bob read it?)

The people of the 5th district deserve better than the lies and mis-representations this bought and paid for congressman has given us, like this phony fix-all! He was there when the republicans helped to put the ACA together, he was 1 of the republicans who was against single-payer healthcare, and insisted the insurance companies be allowed to make the decisions on healthcare! Mis-Rep Latta later voted against the ACA (which reflected much of the original Romney-Care from Massachusetts, a republican wholly designed plan!), and subsequently many more times during the rest of President Obama’s terms! The republicans did not then, and still really do not now, have a true plan that does anything to help poor, middle-class workers, other than to over-charge the insured, and will cause many more health-related bankruptcies to those who can’t afford this new sham of healthcare!

Many who are 50-60 will be paying as much as 4-500% more than Obamacare charged! Their cuts in the healthcare will also affect many elderly who have exhausted their assets by living in nursing homes, by the huge cuts in the Medicaid program that keeps them their last days! Also, cuts in the veterans who live in these homes is an absolute outrage! Mis-Rep. Bob Latta does not give a crap about these constituents, many who did vote for him, only to the big money who finances his campaigns and lifestyle! I also want to remind the constituents in this reading area, that NO town hall meetings were held by this man during the first days this bill came up! And he voted twice to do this to us!

In closing, I hope that the voters in this district keep this shameful piece of legislation tattooed to Mis-Rep. Bob Latta’s forehead! This is nothing more than stripping funds, healthcare, and allowing a huge windfall in tax cuts to his contributors! Next year, we need a congressman who represents all of our district, not his own interests!

—Mike Porter