Woodburn Community Historical Society Meeting

The legend of the brass cannon found in the Maumee River will be the March program for the Woodburn Community Historical Society. The meeting will be held at the Woodburn Public Library, 101 east side of Woodburn on Thursday, March 23, at 7:00. The speaker will be guest, DICK LONEY, from Ft. Wayne telling us about a cannon buried in the Maumee River, north side of 24, who has consented to give this program. He was in the U. S. Army Special Forces Assn. And the Green Berets.

This Historical Society met February 23 for their regular meeting. President Gloria Gerig opened the meeting by welcoming members and guests. The Pledge to the Flag of the USA was said and the minutes of the Sept. 2016 meeting were read and approved as read. (The October – December meetings had been canceled for various reasons).

Pres. Gerig told of a donation of $150 that the Society gave (by approval of members by phone) for the “Van Fund Mission”. The 2017 Summer Fest of June 23-24 was discussed. The goal of the Woodburn Community Assn. is $75,000. This will cover various community projects. Our Society will make plans at a future meeting for this event.

Members and guests were shown boxes of copies of “Woodburn Boosters” from early years (circa 1960). The material was partially reviewed and this project will be continued at future meetings. Our main objective is to retain and share the history of Woodburn with everyone who is interested in it.

The Society is hopeful that an updated historical family atlas can be put together in the future. Free forms have been made available for family information. This is a big joint community effort that will take a lot of time (have you provided any information for this on your family?). Thank you in advance.

As there was no further business, meeting was adjourned. It was hoped that this interesting program of March will be attended by members, guests, and prospective members. For more information — call Pres. Gerig at 260-632-5268 or Caroline Zimmerman at 419-258-2222.

—Submitted by:

Caroline Zimmerman, Rec. Sec.