Aces Defense Can’t Stop Raiders

Eli Sinn couldn’t be stopped as he fired up the crowd with basket after basket against Hicksville.

After celebrating the 1000 point achievement of Chelsey Taylor, the boys began their basketball game with the Aces grabbing the tipoff. The Aces had many attempts in the first period for baskets, but struggled the first quarter to get the ball through the hoop. On the other hand, Wayne Trace was burning up the court as Eli Sinn nailed shot after shot. The first period finished 13-29.

Hicksville’s Payton Tunis is always good for an Aces show. His agility and speed are an excellent combination when scoring layups after steeling the ball (Jon Sinn attempting to catch him). More pictures at

Hicksville got their act together starting with the second period when Payton Tunis, with his speed and agility, was able to take the ball from the Raiders several times. Ethan Linder started to score board in the first, but it was the second where the points really started to add up for him and the team. Aces’ Jake Greer knocked in a couple of 3 point baskets. This was the best period for the Hicksville defense, limiting the guest’s team to about half of the previous quarter. The half time finished 28-45 and Wayne Trace already had a strong lead.

The Hicksville cheerleaders were fantastic with the pyramid when the team was introduced and continued to as the game started back up after halftime. In the third and fourth periods, the action continued just as fast as the first half and Hicksville kept right up with the Raiders, but was not able to overtake them. Seven of the Raiders players sunk 3 point baskets with a total of 36 points from the cheap seats. Hicksville also had a nice line of 3-pointers with 6 altogether. Jake Kuhn was quite successful in his attempts after chipping in 7 field goals, and grabbing 5 offensive rebounds.

The game finished with Wayne Trace in the drivers seat 65-85.

Score by the Quarter:

Hicksville: 13 15 18 19 = 65

Wayne Trace: 29 16 20 20=85

Scorers of the Game:

Hicksville – P Tunis 17; L Thiel 5; M Myers 8; L Neidhardt 5; S Avalos 3; P Thiel 8; J Greer 10; B Tear 5; H Evans 4

Wayne Trace: Brady Stabler 9; Eli Sinn 15; Jayden Sherry 4; Jon Sinn 2; Blaine Jerome 3; Trae Sinn 3; Ethan Linder 24; Josiah Linder 6; Jake Kuhn 19

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