Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

Last week in his letter about the Women’s March, Ken Barnes characterized the movement as a radical, violent group. Obviously he was under the influence of “alternative facts”.  There was passion, to be sure, but the world-wide march was well-planned, orderly and peaceful and the speakers for the most part made constructive criticism of the current Trump policies.  The marchers were made up of families of all types, including the children. There was an air of tolerance and love. The violence and property destruction Mr. Barnes cites were the day before the march and were not associated with the marches (those alternative facts, again). If we value our democracy, we must not be afraid to use it.  No political party is above the law of the constitution and must be held accountable by the people. Speak out or lose your freedom!

­—Judi Snook

Antwerp, Ohio

Letter to the Editor

Rewarding Bad Behavior

Actually this is an open letter to all the recipients of Christmas gifts (any gifts) that you have not bothered to acknowledge or thank the presenter for. It’s now one month past Christmas 2016, so you could send the presenter a Valentine (and a box of candy?) and apologize for being such a rude lugghead and “forgetting” or “overlooking” letting them know you got something from them.

Did you get this person anything in return? Probably not. Was it a relative that is on a fixed income that probably is struggling anyway and PROBABLY really wanted to make your gift “just right” and went to a lot of trouble to do so? And you just acted like it never happened. You piece of crap.

Things will be different in my household next year. I just read a very good book that said when you continue to buy gifts and give money to children, relatives, and people that never acknowledge it, you are merely “rewarding their bad behavior”. Do I make my point? At least 6 of my friends have told me similar sad stories of being treated similarly by their family (children, grandchildren — old enough to know better). They barely look up from their “cell-phones” long enough to reach out for the present and then they don’t want to try it on, look at it, say “Thank you”, “It doesn’t fit”, “I really don’t care for it”, “Kiss my butt and don’t bother me!” or whatever. I’m assuming that you didn’t like my attempt to “gift” you and your family. Therefore, I won’t bother with it in the future.

Would it hurt them to pick up the phone (that they are glued to anyway) and call and say “Thank you for the time and trouble (and $$), that was very nice of you to think of me.” Post cards don’t cost that much either. Just write my name on the front, write “Thanks” on the back and your name. Drop it in the mail. Is that so hard? That would even be good practice for preschoolers that don’t know where these gifts are coming from.

One lady (Senior Citizen) said she spent on her credit cards for her kids and grandchildren for Christmas and will be months paying it off. Did they gift her a card or gift? Did you think they even took her out to eat or thanked her? What do you think?

The next shirt that I buy is going to have printed on it: I AM NOT THE BANK DO NOT BULLY ME FOR MONEY GET A JOB & PAY CASH!

—Caroline Zimmerman

Paulding County