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Letter to the editorLetter to the Editor

Here we go again the Clinton email fiasco is back on the front burner!! F.B.I. Director, James Comey has found new information concerning Hillary’s emails. It seems this time it is related to Hillary’s long time aide Huma Abedin and it may also involve her husband, Anthony Weiner. No one really knows as it is an ongoing investigation.

It seems to me that the worm has turned. This past July Director Comey found no intent in the investigation against Hillary even there was no intent clause in the law. Attorney General Loretta Lynch did not recuse her self but allowed the F.B.I. to make the call on whether to bring an indictment. This was the first time she had ever done so.

She probably thought this would take the heat off of her for her 39 minute “chance meeting” with Bill Clinton at the Phoenix Airport. I wonder what the odds were on that? This was just as good as her recusing herself. She couldn’t or wouldn’t answer questions in front of Congress. She kept her distance.

As I stated in my last letter, Comey was in Lynch’s pocket, Lynch was in Obama’s pocket and all three were in Hillary’s pocket. Comey jumped out of Lynch’s pocket, with his boss’ disapproval, now the boat is really rocking. The Democrats had no better friend in July than James Comey, but listen to them now! Little Harry Reid said Comey is breaking the law, a number of Senators are demanding Comey come out with proof, all the while knowing that cannot happen in an ongoing investigation. Obama lied when he said he found out about Hillary’s private server as he had been exchanging emails with Hillary on a .Com, not a .Gov. Folks, if you can’t see through this fiasco, from the White House, to the State Department, to the Justice Department, to the F.B.I., then you have your heads in the sand. This is corruption at its best, these people are pros, they believe they are winners and are above the law. What must they think of us? Examine the facts. Are you and your families better off than you were eight years ago? Do you want four more years of the same? Give it some good thought.

–Kenny Barnes

Paulding, Ohio

Letter to the Editor

I would like to express my appreciation for Judge DeMuth. I have had the opportunity to work for John DeMuth for eight years, while he was an attorney in the private sector and for the past 11 years as his Court Administrator/Probate Clerk. Judge DeMuth is one of the fairest and compassionate men I know. I have seen Judge DeMuth give our Juveniles a “second” chance. At times, as his Clerk, I have struggled with some of his decisions. But his words to me were: “They are all good kids, some just make bad decisions, and they deserve a second chance.” Judge DeMuth has given the youth in our community that “second” chance by placing them in diversion programs as well as counseling for treatment.

The Judge, through his experience as a private attorney, and as Judge, has proven to be an excellent example of fair and impartial treatment to all individuals who enter into his Court. I am extremely grateful to have the privilege of working for such an intelligent man who has provided so much guidance, patience, and understanding to his Staff, as well as those who enter into his Courtroom.

As a Judge, Judge DeMuth also oversees the Probate Court in which he handles the administration of estates, adoptions, wrongful death settlements, as well as Guardianships. His experience in these matters has led him to excel in the proper execution of all.

An attorney for over 35 years, and a Judge with judicial experience for over 11+  years, I will be giving  Judge DeMuth my vote, and would encourage others to do the same.

–Robin Dobbelaere

Paulding, Ohio



Growing up in Paulding County countless times I heard the old adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. This saying is especially true for the Paulding County Probate/Juvenile court today. Judge John Demuth’s fair-minded, level-headed, common sense approach to the operation of that court is an asset to Paulding County that should not be dismissed as meaningless.

As an attorney I have tried hundreds of cases in front of Judge Demuth’s court over the past ten years from custody matters, estates, wrongful death actions, dependency and neglect actions, to juvenile delinquency cases and each have been tried in a thoughtful, efficient, effective and timely manner by the court.

Despite all of these positives Judge Demuth’s opponent tries to focus on the area of juvenile delinquencies as an area that is deficient even though that opponent has never tried a case before the Paulding County Juvenile Court, or any juvenile court, that I am aware of in the Northwest Ohio counties in which I practice. What Judge Demuth’s opponent tries to point out as a problem is actually a solution.

Juvenile courts are not supposed to see how quickly you can crank out cases as Judge Demuth’s opponent would have you believe. The children facing these delinquency issues are not just a number or a case file to Judge Demuth, to be dispensed with quickly without meaning, but rather as young, impressionable individuals, who may need a little extra molding. Judge Demuth tries to do what the state intended juvenile courts to do and that is trying to get the children in front of the court back on the right track.

Judge Demuth’s use of diversion programs allows the child to see what they had done was wrong and dangerous behavior, and then, tries to teach them how to modify their behavior in order to not make errors in judgment again. Thereby making the child a better citizen and not just throwing them into the system turning them into a lifelong criminal. And while this process make take a little longer than the state guidelines for the completion of these cases may call for, this process makes for a better result (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure).

So I would ask that all of my family, friends, clients and all the citizens of Paulding County, don’t fix something that isn’t broke and keep John Demuth as your Juvenile/Probate Judge.

–Tim Holtsberry

Defiance, Ohio


We all know that Election Day is almost here. As we look to the future, it can be very frightening. Without my faith in God, I don’t know how I would face the future. I believe each one of us needs to search our hearts and see what we can do to improve our world instead of tear it down.

I work with hundreds of youth five days a week. They are the precious children who belong to parents in Paulding County. These children are our future. What do we expect of them?

I know what I expect of them. I expect them to learn what it means to be respectful to others, how to be responsible on a daily basis for completing school assignments, chores at home, attending practices and/or meetings such as football practice, music lessons, scout meetings, 4-H meetings, etc. I also expect them to learn what it means to be honest and fair and use it each day as they interact with their parents and siblings, their peers, their teachers, and anyone else they come in contact with. Am I expecting too much? I don’t think so.

I believe we citizens of Paulding County have a candidate running for judge who has the same desire and heart for our youth as I have. I have known Michael Wehrkamp for 18 years and believe he is the candidate who will work hard to bring the best out of our youth. He understands that children make mistakes, and some will find themselves in juvenile court. Yes, there are times he may have to use “tough love” but it is not meant to destroy a person. It is meant to help teach the respect, the responsibility, the honesty and fairness that will make our youth upstanding adults in the future.

Please take a moment to seriously think as you vote this November. Consider a vote for Michael Wehrkamp for probate/juvenile judge.

–Karen Schlatter

Paulding, Ohio

letter to the editor

I am submitting this letter in support of Michael Wehrkamp for Paulding County Probate/Juvenile Judge. I am the Chief of Police for the Antwerp Police Department and have been with the village for the last 16 years. Speaking from that experience, I can say that the juvenile justice system in our county is in need of some positive changes. I believe Michael Wehrkamp will bring that needed change.

As Police Chief, I encounter juvenile delinquency on a regular basis. Michael understands kids and knows that they’re going to stumble sometimes. He also knows that the role of the juvenile court is to act in the best interest of each child who comes before the court, and to do everything possible to rehabilitate juvenile offenders so they become productive members of our communities.

The trouble is, I find that some of the kids are breaking the same laws over and over. Their crimes range from vandalism to breaking and entering to theft, etc. When we attempt to enforce the law, the majority of these juveniles — most of whom are already on probation — usually exhibit a lack of respect for the juvenile justice system in our county. I believe Michael Wehrkamp is determined to restore respect for that system.

Michael has a plan that he has shared with me and Paulding County’s other law enforcement officers, and it begins with being proactive. He will create a partnership between the juvenile court and schools in our county because he understands we can keep kids out of trouble if we get to them earlier in their lives. Michael would like to establish programs at the juvenile court to rehabilitate juvenile offenders in a way that will have a lasting effect. His plan also consists of starting a conversation about whether Paulding County’s one bed at the juvenile detention facility is sufficient because many in our county, including myself, feel it is not. He also plans to apply for grant funds to obtain electronic monitoring equipment so that juveniles can be confined at home, if needed.

In closing, I believe Michael Wehrkamp will serve Paulding County well, and I encourage you to join me in voting for him on or before November 8.

–George Clemens

Paulding, Ohio


This is my first public endorsement of a political figure. I heartily support the re-election of Judge John DeMuth for the office of the Probate and Juvenile Court.

While not native to Paulding County, Judge DeMuth has always treated me as a “local”. On opposing sides in many cases before taking the bench, John DeMuth was always well prepared and highly knowledgeable of the law.

As a Judge, he has shown compassion for the youth of our community, and has always tried to help troubled kids grow into productive adults. I have always been impressed with his common sense approach to the issues that face our community. His experience is a great asset, which should not be lightly taken for granted.

As the election nears, I wish people like you to take a closer look at Judge DeMuth and why he is the best choice that makes sense for Paulding County. Juvenile custody cases, including adoptions, are some of the most difficult cases for a judge; and Judge DeMuth truly cares about the people he serves. You cannot teach experience; it is gained. In his two terms as our Judge, I have never seen him become callous or unfeeling toward the cases he has decided, or his constituents. He always takes the time needed to reach an appropriate decision. I have nothing negative to say about Judge DeMuth’s opponent. Given time to practice law in Paulding County, he may well be an excellent candidate when Judge DeMuth decides it is time to retire.

–Glenn H. Troth, Esq.

Paulding, OH