City of Woodburn Council Meeting Minutes 5/2/16

Meeting began at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Kelsey, Clerk-Treasurer Cummins, Chief Duhamell, Superintendent Walls, as well as Councilman Watts, Voirol, Gerig, Renner, and Martin were in attendance.
Police Report:
The reserves logged 145 hours of service in April. The Chief presented the council with an amended copy of the proposed emergency plan. The police department’s hot spot wi-fi units have been replaced this week. The police department has begun preparations for the 4th Annual Front Street drags, which is set to take place on August 13th.
Mayor’s Report:
Old Business – The Mayor discussed website proposals with the council. After discussion, council decided to go forward with either Crown Jewel or 86 Creative, pending further information. Councilman Watts moved to table the discussion until this information was determined, second by Councilman Voirol, all in favor. The mayor inquired about the trash pump. The Superintendent mentioned that it has been ordered but has not yet arrived. The Mayor inquired as to whether or not the manhole has been repaired. The Superintendent mentioned that he will have the manhole repaired in the near future when there are additional repairs to address, in order to reduce cost. The Clerk-Treasurer provided the council with a breakdown of cost for road repairs from past projects. The city will develop a map of all roads and list how long until they need repairs. This will allow the city to prioritize what roads need fixed the most and will assist in preparing for future projects. The council discussed where the removable speed bumps should be located. After discussion, the Mayor asked the Superintendent to get a price on additional speed bumps. No determinations on where the speed bumps will be located were made at this time. The Hetrick Ditch was cleaned out by the county and hopefully this will absolve any future flooding in Westwood Estates (Reichhart’s Addition) or the trailer park. The Mayor asked if the county would clean out the Edgerton/Carson Ditch also and they agreed to do so. The Deputy Clerk has agreed to have her position changed to allow 10 hours per week for the police department, and 5 hours per week for the mayor’s office. This assistance will be administrative in function and implemented as needed. The deputy clerk position will remain full time at 40 hours per week and will be located at City Hall in its entirety.
New Business: N/A
Clerk-Treasurer’s Report:
Meeting minutes were presented from the meeting on April 18th. Councilman Watts moved to approve minutes as corrected, second by Councilman Voirol, all in favor. Warrants were presented. Councilman Renner moved to accept warrants as presented, second by Councilman Gerig, all in favor. The Clerk-Treasurer mentioned that in the past the city has contributed a $100 award to a student at Woodlan High School annually for academic achievement, called the mayor’s award. Councilman Watts moved to donate $100 to the selected student for the mayor’s award, second by Councilman Renner, all in favor. A company, Exede, had submitted an email request to be listed on the city’s website as a provider of internet service provider. The council decided that the city would only list them if they are servicing at least one customer within the City of Woodburn.
Superintendent’s Report:
Regarding our wellhead protection, the contract with Wessler Engineering needs to be updated to reflect appropriate changes. This study is in response to IDEM requirements. The additional cost that will accompany the change in contract is $5400. The Superintendent brought this to council to sign the proposed contract for Wessler Engineering in order to finish the project. Treece Electric gave an estimate for the wiring to hook up a generator to the building. This estimate is just over $12,500. Last year the prior council had approved the purchase of a lawn mower and had budgeted accordingly. The Superintendent will get quotes and come back next meeting with this information. The city is waiting for the third quote for the shop roof.
Councilman’s Report:
Councilman Martin began discussion about having a ‘Welcome to Woodburn’ sign that mentions ‘Home of Lloy Ball’. At the apartments, there have been kids damaging property and dumping trash into drains and gardens. The Chief of Police stated that evidence would need to be produced showing the destruction of property in order to act on the vandalism. After discussion, Councilman Martin will keep speaking to the apartment management, the Chief of Police will implement cameras, and the Mayor will write a letter to submit to the company and will follow up with any attorney action if necessary. Councilman Gerig welcomed the mayor back and stated that his wife Monica did a good job in his absence. Councilman Voirol brought to the council’s attention about an abandoned property and that the yard is in need of maintenance. Also, Mayor Joe Kelsey wanted to express his appreciation to his wife Monica Kelsey for a job well done.
A resident requested a discount after discovering a running toilet in her home. Historically the council only approves a discount if it was determined that the used water did not go down the drain. Councilman Watts moved to allow the customer to pay an additional $90 over the normal bill until the payment is received in full; no penalties will be applied, second by Councilman Gerig. Councilman Martin, Renner approved, Councilman Voirol abstained. Motion passes.
Councilman Renner moved to adjourn, second by Councilman Watts, all in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:54 p.m.