Letter to the Editor

The Right Thing To Do

Letter to the editorOn Saturday, January 3rd, I was taking down my Christmas tree and I heard the dog barking and the door bell ring. First, I went to the garage to get the dog in, but she wouldn’t come to me. I then hurried back to see who was at the front door. There stood a young man and my Irish Setter. Immediately the young man said to me that he had slid off the icy road into our yard and said how sorry he was about messing up the yard. What impressed me most was what he said next. I had a chance to do the right thing so I came to your house to let you know. I think I can get out of your yard, but I wanted to do the right thing. I admired this young man for his manners, conscience, and attitude. He told me he was not hurt, but felt badly about our yard. He also told me he had gone into Maplecrest to help a friend who was house-sitting because of a prank someone had done to his friend’s car. Today, we do not hear much about the good in teenagers, but this young man from Antwerp is a true asset to his parents who have instilled a wonderful value in this young man. Also, the town of Antwerp can be mighty proud that it has a young man who wanted to do the right thing. Why did I write this article? I wanted to do the right thing!
—Jeanne Hertig